School Uniform

flynn-oharaEvery student is required to be in full uniform at all times, starting the first day of school,and until school closes in June. Students will be given verbal notice of any violation and asked to make the necessary change immediately. If a student fails to comply with the required change, a written notice will be given indicating that the dresscode/haircode policy has been violated. This note should be signed by parents and returned to school. The school uniform is purchased from Flynn & O”Hara Uniform Company.

Friday, October 16 will be the last day for students to wear the summer uniform.  Beginning Monday, October 19 all students are to wear the regular uniform.

  • Boys– white shirt and school tie, sweater vest (sleeveless or long sleeve) blue trousers, belt.
  • Girls- K-5  jumper, sweater optional, but if a sweater is worn it must be the monogrammed school sweater.
  • Girls 6-8– white blouse– sweater vest (sleeveless or long sleeve). Shirts and blouses must be tucked inside; no rolled skirts.

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Girls Required Uniform K-5:
  Jumper- Plaid (new uniform)
Blouse- white with Peter Pan collar (long or short sleeve)
Cardigan sweater (with monogram) - optional (only sweater permitted to be worn)
Socks- blue knee length
Shoes- Regulation (black tie or May Jane style)
Girls Required Uniform 6-8:

Skirt- plaid (not rolled with the length to be directly above the knees)
Blouse- white oxford long/short sleeve (tucked into skirt at all times)
Sweater vest- blue (monogrammed) long sleeve/sleeveless worn from October 15 to May
Socks-blue-knee length
Shoes- Regulation (black tie or Mary Jane style approved by the administration)

Boys Required Uniform 6-8:
Trousers- regulation dress navy blue
Shirt- white dress shirt shor/long sleeve (tucked into trousers at all times)
Knit shirt (tucked inside trousers)-is worn in the fall until October 15 and in May and June
School tie
Sweater vest- long sleeve/sleeveless (monogrammed) worn October to May
Belt worn at all times
Shoes- regulation
Summer Uniform

All Boys and girls may wear the light blue knit shirt and walking shorts with a belt during the fall until October 15, May and June.
All boys also have the option to wear the light blue knot shirt, regulation trousers and belt
Girls in Grades 6-8 now have the option to wear the special style light blue knit shirt with waistband in place of the white blouse; otherwise the white blouse tucked inside the skirt is worn.

Students are expected to be well groomed and neatly attired at all times. The school has the authority to determine the appropriateness of student hairstyles within the criteria of the school uniform. Hairstyle for the boys and girls must be within the school hair code policy.

No fad haircuts or styles will be permitted. Fads may be deemed unacceptable based on the trends that become popular at various times. Administration determines what is acceptable when these styles become apparent. Such styles may include but not not limited to (ex. completely shaved, or shaved close on sides and long hair on the top, layered, long hair for boys). Boys’ hair length must be above the collar. Hair should not be in the eyes of the student. Excessive use of gels, hairspray or other products is not permitted. Highlighting/Coloring/bleaching of hair is not permitted. If it is done under parent supervision during the summer it must be back to normal color for the opening of school.

Girls may not wear make-up or nailpolish at anytime.

Defacing the school uniform will not be tolerated.

Girls will be permitted to wear only very small earrings. Dangling earrings are not permitted and only one earring allowed on each ear.

Boys are not permitted to wear earrings at any time. Jewelry is not permitted in school (specifically necklaces, bracelets). Jewelry is expensive as well as a distraction, therefore, should be left at home. It is important that all students comply with this policy at all times.

Parental support and supervision of school policy is very important.

Gym Uniform

All students must wear the regulation blue uniform, (purchased only through Flynn and O'Hara) and sneakers.
Please make sure they have the proper uniform on the day your child is required to wear the gym uniform.
The tee shirt and shorts may be worn in the fall until October 15, May and June. The sweatpants and sweatshirt must be worn from October 15 until May. Special tees permitted on occasion at the discretion of the administration.


The regulation shoe for boys will be the black oxford tie shoe; the girls will wear black oxford tie shoe or Mary Jane style approved by the administration. Shoes may be purchased at any store that carries the required shoes. (Schuster Shoes, DiGuilio ’s Shoes and Flynn & O’Hara)

Uniform Exchange Program

Items in the Uniform Program are available throughout the year on a need basis, but at special times that are published in the church bulletins and on the website.

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