School Bus Regulations

  1. Transportation is provided in accordance with state law for children who reside within the distance guidelines established by the State of New Jersey.
  2. Children are entitled to this, provided they do not infringe upon another child's rights.
  3. Misbehavior, therefore, must be addressed, since the safety of all children riding school buses is of utmost importance.
  4. In view of the above, the following policy shall be adhered to with regard to behavior on buses:
    1. Children, upon boarding a bus, shall immediately be seated and buckle the seat belt.
    2. Children shall at all times keep their entire bodies within the confines of the bus.
    3. Children shall remain seated until the bus has come to a full stop at their destination.
    4. Unnecessary noise or shouting, objectionable language, teasing, quarreling, and hazing are forbidden.
    5. Throwing of any object within the bus or out of the bus windows is forbidden. Littering on the bus is not permitted.
    6. Student may not eat, drink or chew gum while riding the bus.
    7. Students may not use ipods, headsets, video games, cell phones, etc.
    8. Damage to buses will not be tolerated. Parents or guardians will be responsible for payment of any repairs necessitated by their child/children's actions.
    9. At no time, is a student permitted to ride a school bus other than his/her assigned bus and in the same township because of insurance coverage. Please refer all special requests about this matter to the transportation coordinator in your township.
  5. An Infraction of the above shall be handled in the following manner as per Law 18A:25-2:
  6. If students receive a written report of bus safety violations, parents will received the report to be signed and returned to school.
  7. If unacceptable behavior continues students are in danger of losing their bus privilege for an indeterminate time. Parents will be notified if such behavior continues and what the possible consequences may result.
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