- Buses will enter the main parking lot as in the past, students exit the bus and walk to their respective line.  Car riders enter the main parking lot below the traffic cones, pull up drop your children off and they will walk to their line.  Parents then exit the lot.  Teachers will be on duty to supervise the safe arrival of the students.


- Bus riders and car riders will be dismissed from the building.  Those riding a bus will board the bus, car riders will be directed to walk to their cars.  Teachers will observe the students as they move to their destination.  You will be directed when to exit the parking lot, once all students who are car riders are safely in their cars.  IT IS IMPOR-TANT THAT EVERYONE BE WATCHFUL AT ALL TIMES TO ENSURE STUDENT SAFETY.

Procedure on inclement weather days

(ARRIVAL) The cars pull up in the same manner as every day, and students will enter the middle doors. Buses only drive to the main doors by the gym/cafeteria.

Dismissal procedures remain the same as they have been; however we ask that you either stand near your car or stay beyond the library ramp so teachers have a better view of students as they are picked up by parents, it is too congested if all gather by the middle door. Once you have your child/children we ask that you move to your cars.

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